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August 2023 SEO Core Update

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Google released the eagerly awaited August 2023 Core Update on August 22, 2023, five months after its most recent core update, the March 2023 Core Update. According to Google’s Search Status Dashboard, this core update took 16 days and 3 hours to complete. Both website owners and the search marketing community were eagerly awaiting its completion. Google’s algorithms encountered new difficulties throughout 2023, largely due to the explosive growth of content produced by generative AI tools like ChatGPT.

The Rise of AI Content

It is getting harder and harder to guarantee that high-qu

Quality content that exhibits good E-E-A-T appears at the top of the search results. Creating content at scale has gotten much simpler and less expensive as a result of the rapid adoption of free and inexpensive AI tools in the digital marketing sector. While many contend that it’s challenging for users and search engines to distinguish between artificial intelligence content and human-written content, this year has produced a number of AI gaffes and missteps.

Although Google officially stated that its algorithms do not distinguish between content created by humans and content created by artificial intelligence (AI) and instead only look to elevate high-quality, helpful content, there is some critical nuance to understand on this issue. Google reminded website owners of the following in the same article.

Impact & Recovery from Core Update

A core update may have no impact at all, a negative impact on a website’s search performance, or both.

Google emphasizes that a drop in performance following a core update doesn’t necessarily mean your website is broken.

If a drop occurs, it might be the result of changes made by the core update rather than an issue with the structure or content of your website.

Google advises people who notice drops in rankings to concentrate on improving the quality of their websites rather than looking for technical solutions.

How to Recover?

Google advises you to do the following to enhance your search performance following a core update:

  • Examine the pages that aren’t performing well in detail.
  • Look up the search terms that brought visitors to those pages.
  • Compare your writing to the queries listed on Google’s help page.

This will highlight any areas where your content falls short of providing comprehensive answers. Use what you learn to give improving your content a high priority so that it meets searchers’ needs.

Google warns that no page has a static or guaranteed position in its search results and that improvements aren’t always guaranteed to help with recovery.

Recovery Time

If improvements warrant it, it typically takes several months for pages to regain rankings lost as a result of a core update.

Google, however, is always modifying its algorithms. Between the larger core updates, it may release smaller updates that will benefit pages that have undergone changes.

Businesses and SEO experts should exercise patience as the effects of Google’s August 2023 core algorithm update become clear, concentrate on enhancing the quality of their websites, and avoid band-aid solutions. If you’re looking to improve with the latest August 2023 SEO core update, choose and get the right solution.

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