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PPC Reseller Services that Drive Results

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SEO training for skill enhancement

Campaign Evaluation

We do a thorough analysis of your company’s previous campaigns and goals while learning about your competitors so to give you an upper hand in the competition. We take care of everything including the appropriate keywords and phrases to include while forming your PPC campaign and program.

Retina Ready Web design

Retargeting Optimization

We optimize your ad campaigns to fit the message of retargeting. We make sure that your current adverts stick to the trends and are even more relatable to your target audience than they were before.


Google Adword Management

With our expert team of Google Adword Management, we not only promise results but deliver them to you at the most affordable rate. AdWords PPC Management is a service that takes the risk and headache out of Adwords PPC advertising, ensuring a significant increase over the results you're currently seeing.


Combination of Advert placements

We make use of not only display ads but also search pc ads, mobile ads, shopping ads, social media marketing and remarketing to make your campaign successful with a wider reach.


Strategic bid management

Your remarketing campaign also includes strategic bid management. This service allows your business to make the most of your ad spend, which is what you pay platforms like Google Ads to deliver your ads. Our effective management of your bids also increases your return on investment (ROI).

Build the monthly SEO Report

Easy access to reports and analytics

Now you measure the success of your campaign in real time through our live tracking reports and analytics no matter where you are or when you want to.

SEO monitoring on a daily basis

Management and Tracking

Our job is not just done after devising the plan, we make sure that after the execution we manage your campaign so it reaches its full potential. Not only that we also keep track of its performance and optimize it accordingly along the way.


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Price for 1 minute

Price for 1 minute




Min. 250 $/month

Monthly Ad Budget - Upto 2000$

Minimum Duration - 3 Months




Min. 450 $/month

Monthly Ad Budget - 2000$ - 4000$

Minimum Duration - 3 Months




Min. 650 $/month

Monthly Ad Budget - 4000$ and above

Minimum Duration - 3 Months

Pricing Table

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Digital Marketing Services in Delhi, NCR | Online Marketing

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Digital Marketing Services in Delhi, NCR | Online Marketing

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Digital Marketing Services in Delhi, NCR | Online Marketing

Pay Per Click – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pay Per Click (PPC) right for my business?

Provided it is done well, almost any kind of business can make PPC work for them. A number of digital marketing channels such as search, display, social media marketing, and retargeting are PPC based. Products with a high customer lifetime value, average order value, high margins do well with PPC. Hard-to-find / unique products and retailers with a diverse array of products should also look to PPC for growth.

Why would I pay DigiMarketish for search engine advertising?

At Digimarketish we offer businesses the opportunity to appear in the sponsored listings of a search results page. You should pay for it because it allows your business to appear right at the top and grab the searcher’s attention. Our Search Engine advertising offers two excellent benefits – it only charges you per click {or lead} ensuring that you pay only for an interested audience and it is easily measurable in terms of performance.

Do you offer a package for my business? How much will it cost?

We understand that every business requires a different strategy. So, you can avail our tailored campaigns that fit your goals at an affordable rate by referring to our different packages. To know more why don’t you get in touch with us.

Where will my PPC ads appear?

PPC ads can be of different kinds – search, display, social media advertising, remarketing, Google shopping and mobile ads. They can appear in the SERPs, follow you on social media, websites you’re browsing, or appear in apps that you use. We can help you choose the best way to implement PPC and show your ads to the most relevant audience.

What services do you offer under PPC?

We offer PPC management Services that is customer centric via Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Product Listings, Re-Marketing and even Reselling services that are both affordable and drive guaranteed results so you never settle for less.