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Making relevant effort towards improving the traffic and engagement can proffer great rewards in return to businesses. Using Google Shopping can be a beneficial move for businesses to reach the online shoppers and boost the sales count.



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Businesses are looking forward to acquiring better in return and nothing like the Google Shopping Ad Management services by DigiMarketish can be a beneficial move. With comprehensive knowledge of the market, we ensure increasing the brand’s visibility and bring qualified leads. 

DigiMarketish, being a part of this market for years now comprehends the need for a great Google Shopping Ads management. We make legit effort that can make effective promotion of the products on the search engine ecosystem of Google, acquire qualified leads and reach the targeted audiences. No wonder, the ad management service is a complex task but with some of the industry’s best Google certified experts in the team, we can ensure offering better profits for businesses and improved ROI. 

Robust Google Ad Management Strategies helps To Improve The Sales Volume

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Strategized Google Shopping Ad Management Services

At Digimarketish, we endeavor to roar higher than your competitors. Our comprehensive research on the niche and audience enables creating refined strategies that ought to offer desired outcomes. With us, you can observe the increase in the metrics in reality – because eventually we know that you are waiting for sales. You have the best hands.

Website Optimization Services

Optimizing Bid Strategy

In an environment that seems more like an auction, having knowledge on creating strategies and optimization becomes a valuable truck to improve the Google Shopping campaign. We create strategies upon making in depth research to offer proven results.

SEO Service Packages for Customers

Product / Data Feed Optimization

Businesses surely are willing to make the most from their Google shopping campaign and therefore we make efforts to include easy formatting and proper optimization. This allows the ads to get digested by Google with ease. Our experts are aware about the way to feed Google.


Managing Dynamic Remarketing

With years of knowledge, we have gained the understanding of the remarketing capabilities of Google. Having the knowledge of the consumer buying cycle and combining it with the holistic approach, we ensure becoming your reliable choice.

Build the monthly SEO Report

Clear Monthly Report

At DigiMarketish, we aim to offer tracking in real-time so that you can yourself check the Google Shopping Campaigns KPI. Every month, we create a detailed report for you and discuss the progress by refining our strategy to offer great results.


Improved ROI

We all know that eventually the number matters and nothing can give a smile like a better return on investment can. We understand your needs and hence our result-oriented approach will sure improve the ROI.

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Price for 1 minute

Price for 1 minute




Min. 250 $/month

Monthly Ad Budget - Upto 2000$

Minimum Duration - 3 Months




Min. 450 $/month

Monthly Ad Budget - 2000$ - 4000$

Minimum Duration - 3 Months




Min. 650 $/month

Monthly Ad Budget - 4000$ and above

Minimum Duration - 3 Months

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Google Shopping Ads – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Shopping?


Google Shopping can be best defined if addressed as a comparison shopping engine. This is a service that enables retailers to put their products or service in an ad format to present in front of the buyers in an appealing way. 


It means that when someone is searching for similar products that you are selling, google will show the relevant ads which includes you combined with other competitors. If your ad has the appeal and information, customers will click and immediately get redirected to your product page. 

Since you need to include the product image, price, title, and description, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right Google shopping management services.

Why Should I Use Google Shopping Ads?


You must know that there are people who still first search their products or services on Google. Therefore when you are using Google for advertisement, it will allow you to bridge the gap between the potential customers. 


  1. This is the fastest and a legit way to stay on top of the Google search
  2. This is the best way to show your products including a proper description and image
  3. This is the easiest way to boost your sales and increase the customers
How Does Google Shopping Works?

As we have already mentioned previously, Google shopping ads are unique in the way they function compared to the regular Search Ads. 

The very first step is to process a file which is known as the products feed containing the product data in your store (like images, descriptions and titles).


Google will then use this data for matching the products with similar search queries along with creating actual ads. 


People who will write similar keywords in the search queries will find your products along with the details you have included. 

If any of the viewers like your ads, they will click and get redirected to your website and in return Google charges for the click. 

Working with an agency like DigiMarketish  ensures creating compelling, informational and effective Google Shopping Campaigns that would yield results.

Why Should I choose you?

We, at Digimarketish, understand the need of the business and there we create campaigns based on the market condition and upon getting complete market insight on your niche. 


  1. We keep things transparent
  2. We create strategies and get it approved by you
  3. Our google shopping ads management include everything that is required to create a compelling copy
  4. We have the top experts in our team to create the campaigns
How much do you charge for the Google Shopping Management Services?

Well this is one of the most common questions that is received from the clients, but unfortunately there is no fixed answer to it. This is because Google charges differently for different niches. Once you talk to us, we will send you the estimates including our service charge but make sure to keep it reasonable.