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Want to reach your audience with higher chances of your message being noticed by them? Voice Call/OBD is just the right type of bulk sms marketing option for you



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Engage with your target audience. Build a Powerful Brand

Your brand in itself is the most valuable asset you hold. In today’s competitive market every other firm is striving hard establish a conversation with their audience, which is why you need strategies that rise above all. 

With DigiMarketish’s most trusted and reliable Voice call/ OBD Marketing services, you can now relax and focus on delivering excellent services, while we will take care of your engagements and ensure that your messages are delivered with the right tone at the right time.

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Voice call/ OBD Marketing Services that Drive Results

Increase sales and customer satisfaction with smarter voice call campaigns that have the lowest probability of being ignored


Personalized strategy

Send your personalized voice automated messages across a wide range of networks across the nation or the globe at lower costs.

Translation and Localization

Easy yet Powerful

Simple broadcasts can be done in the most impactful way since people tend to receive calls more than they are to check their text messages.

Social Engagement to gain traffic

Strong Scheduling

The only way to do Voice call Marketing right is by following a schedule that will guarantee more results. Our research team consists of figured that are experts in creating a consumer profile to know what type of audience is more accessible at what hours of the day.


Own Network

You can also use your own mobile network as your company’s caller ID to send these automated voice calls through numbers that don’t look immediately like spam


Leave it on our server

Once we have received your message our high proficiency servers will make sure that your message is delivered to each and every number no matter what the network and location.

Build the monthly SEO Report

Easy access to reports and analytics

Now you measure the success of your campaign in real time through our live tracking reports and analytics no matter where you are or when you want to.

Let your products and services outshine your competitors

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How can Voice Call Marketing generate leads?

Here are some mind blowing facts about how voice call marketing leads are on the rise

Want to know how to manifest high response rates through voice call Marketing?

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Why Choose DigiMarketish?

Know why we are regarded as one of the top OBD Marketing companies in India

Digital Marketing Services in Delhi, NCR | Online Marketing

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Digital Marketing Services in Delhi, NCR | Online Marketing

Voice call Marketing – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Voice call marketing effective?

Voice message marketing is a very cost-effective way to advertise your business. With DigiMarketish, you don’t have to invest in any specialized equipment, or costly monthly service contract. Instead, you simply pay based on how many calls or voice messages you send.

What is bulk voice call marketing?

Bulk voice calls refers to pre-recorded voice message that can be listened from a mobile or a landline number. Extremely user-friendly routes are designed for providing the bulk voice calls services at highly affordable price.

How long Bulk SMS marketing take to deliver results?

It is a continuous process and requires time and patience. On average, it can take 3-6 months to promote positive content and respond to negative reviews. 

What is the use of bulk voice call?

Useful for marketing products and services. It is useful for political campaigns, promotions, voter registration, vote reminders etc. Voice call marketing is useful to Deliver or obtain responses from Members, Employees, customers and prospects. Voice call marketing is also used for fund raising for social cause.

Is Bulk voice call marketing expensive pricing?

We do not offer any one-size-fits-all Bulk voice call package; our packages are tailor made to meet your needs and are as reasonable as can get. With omarketing packages you don’t only save costs but can see delivered results quick and easy.