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Benefits of PPC Advertising for Your Business

Google Adwords Management Service

With our expert team of Google Adword Management we not only promise results but deliver them to you at the most affordable rate. Whether you are a business just getting started and need more information on how exactly will Google Ads help you in generating leads or a company who has already been in the loop, our tailored services will leverage you with a holistic approach so you make most of what comes at the most competitive price.

AdWords PPC Management is a service that takes the risk and headache out of Adwords PPC advertising, ensuring a significant increase over the results you’re currently seeing. 

Our service ensures that you

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We are a result-oriented PPC expert in India, offering a full suite of services so you leave no stone unturned in reaching your audience at the right place and right time


Search PPC Advertising

81% of Internet users search for a product or service online, preferably via search engines. Search PPC advertising allows you to get in front of people right when they are searching for the products or services you offer. Your ad will appear on the top of the SERPs, increasing the likelihood to drive quality leads to your website.


Display Advertising

Deliver contextual value to your target audience with display advertising that takes your brand in front of people. Our PPC management agency can set up ROI-driven pay-per-click campaigns on the display network that work as complete “conversion bait” for your potential customers. It is a dynamic platform that delivers instant results.


Mobile Advertising

There are 448.2 million mobile Internet users today. Reach and engage with them instantly with our mobile advertising solutions. Our PPC campaigns are designed to capture the instant attention of mobile users by strategically placing the ad, while delivering an improved web experience. It is a powerful medium to generate quality leads and boost your sales in the long run.

Social Media Marketing Services in India

Social Media Advertising

We are a trusted PPC service provider in India, brainstorming and implementing creative social advertising strategies that can give you a significant visibility boost on platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Reach the untapped audience and engage them meaningfully on social media to drive new customers and more business.


Shopping Ads

Cut through the competition in the ecommerce industry with our proven result oriented shopping ads. These are perfect advertising solutions to target the right audience and inspire them to click. Reaching the customers with your brand message right when they are precisely looking for what you offer can increase the likelihood of conversions. Drive more traffic and increase sales with DigiMarketish.



We are the best PPC company in Delhi, offering advanced remarketing techniques that help you make the most of your advertising budget. Connect to and re-engage your potential customers who have earlier visited your websites and are ripest for instant conversions. We have the expertise to devise results-oriented remarketing campaigns that actually work.


Generate leads online that works for your business





Price for 1 minute

Price for 1 minute




Min. 250 $/month

Monthly Ad Budget - Upto 2000$

Minimum Duration - 3 Months




Min. 450 $/month

Monthly Ad Budget - 2000$ - 4000$

Minimum Duration - 3 Months




Min. 650 $/month

Monthly Ad Budget - 4000$ and above

Minimum Duration - 3 Months

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Our Holistic Approach to Pay Per Click Advertising India

Strategic Keyword Research

Our PPC experts use cutting-edge keyword research tools that help us identify the most relevant keywords to drive higher ad rankings and better conversions.

Creating Ad Copy

As an integral part of PPC management, we focus on crafting a compelling ad creative that instantly sparks a connection with your audience.

Landing Page Optimization

We also suggest proven tactics to improve the landing pages and make them search-engine friendly, engaging and most relevant to the searcher’s intent.

A/B Testing

Our team will design multiple ad copies and landing pages, and split test them across different campaigns to identify the ones that are performing the best.

Bid Management

DigiMarketish will strategically bid on high-performing and most relevant yet less competitive keywords to drive quality clicks at a reduced CPC.

Keyword Optimization

We use keyword matching across different ad groups and measure their performance. Likewise, we will bid high on best performing keywords and vice versa.

Reporting & Analytics

Get comprehensive reports and actionable insights to improve your campaign performance and drive better results. Our reports are in-depth to help you make informed business decisions.

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Digital Marketing Services in Delhi, NCR | Online Marketing

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Digital Marketing Services in Delhi, NCR | Online Marketing

PPC – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pay Per Click (PPC) right for my business?

Provided it is done well, almost any kind of business can make PPC work for them. A number of digital marketing channels such as search, display, social media marketing, and retargeting are PPC based. Products with a high customer lifetime value, average order value, high margins do well with PPC. Hard-to-find / unique products and retailers with a diverse array of products should also look to PPC for growth.

Why would I pay DigiMarketish for search engine advertising?

At Digimarketish we offer businesses the opportunity to appear in the sponsored listings of a search results page. You should pay for it because it allows your business to appear right at the top and grab the searcher’s attention. Our Search Engine advertising offers two excellent benefits – it only charges you per click {or lead} ensuring that you pay only for an interested audience and it is easily measurable in terms of performance.

Do you offer a package for my business? How much will it cost?

We understand that every business requires a different strategy. So you can avail our tailored campaigns that fit your goals at an affordable rate by referring to our different packages. To know more why dont you get in touch with us.

Where will my PPC ads appear?

PPC ads can be of different kinds – search, display, social media advertising, remarketing, Google shopping and mobile ads. They can appear in the SERPs, follow you on social media, websites you’re browsing, or appear in apps that you use. We can help you choose the best way to implement PPC and show your ads to the most relevant audience.

What services do you offer under PPC?

We offer PPC management Services that is customer centric via Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Product Listings, Re-Marketing and even Reselling services that are both affordable and drive guaranteed results so you never settle for less.