SEO Doesn’t Have to Be a Long-Term Game

SEO doesn't have to be a long term game
It is easy to be intimidated by SEO when you keep hearing how it’s a long term process and will take you years. Well, we are here to tell you a secret, a secret that will help you rank at the top of the SERPS QUICK!

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Search Engine Optimization is very well known as the patron saint of digital marketing and rightfully so. Over 50% of digital marketers have said that using the right techniques to hack into Google’s algorithms, their website has been able to rank at number 1 thus generating greater leads that turn into greater sales. But how can you achieve this quick? Stay with us because we are about to tell you how SEO doesn’t have to be a long term game.

  • The Algorithm Is NEVER Stagnant

With Google’s changing algorithm for providing high quality content to its users, this could be very helpful in quick ranking. Ensuring that your content is spam free and backed by relevant genuine links, Google just might be able to place you where the user sees first.

  • Title Tag Optimization

This cannot be stressed enough but always be on the look out for ways in which you can optimize your title tags. For those unaware, title tag is the blue link that appears in the search results page. Try long tail keywords to tap into niches, make use of synonyms, even an extra added ‘s’ goes a long, long way.

  • Repromote Your Blog Posts

It is a well sung fact that writing even a singular blog post takes hours and sometimes even days. However, more often than not even though your webpage has been ranked at the top only about  a 50% of users end up reading it, so repromote or republish it. This will help you in gaining that extra traffic, increasing your brands visibility, will save your time in terms of content creation and ultimately generate leads faster.

  • Mobile Internet Is The Way To Go

With almost 80% of internet users relying on their mobile phones to be the hub of information it has become imperative that your websites are mobile friendly. Make sure that your site’s link does not break and gives a seamless experience to the mobile user. This will help in generating organic leads and will enforce a long term impression that wont be any less than impressive.

  • Refurbish Your Links!

Although there are numerous ways in which link building works, reclaiming your broken links is the fastest and high value result oriented approach. If your brand has been in the internet market for a long time it is most likely that your webpage has outdated links with 404 error. Go back and change those links with the more updated version or better yet introduce newer links. This will mend the broken links inside your webpage thus making your content up to date.

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