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social media trends 2024

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Staying abreast of social trends extends beyond merely incorporating the latest song into your TikTok content. It involves taking a broader perspective, observing changes in work dynamics, consumer preferences, and the essential tools to embrace.

The landscape of social media marketing transcends mere posts; it influences your team, customers, and the overall business—both in the present and the future. This is why predictions of social media hold such widespread interest. After all, who wouldn’t be curious to learn what lies ahead in the realm of social media? Here’s everything you need to know about social media trends 2024.

Prediction 1: Long-Form Content Will Make a Return

Over the last three years, leveraging trending audio for short-form content has been a vital strategy for TikTok and Instagram growth. However, as of 2024, relying solely on trending audio is no longer a comprehensive channel strategy.

To distinguish themselves, we anticipate that creators and brands will increasingly explore more imaginative approaches with longer and more original content. Given YouTube’s continued dominance among younger audiences, it’s natural to see TikTok and Instagram encouraging users to create extended videos.

The challenge will be to incorporate long-form content while still staying connected to current trends. Whether it involves adding commentary to a pop culture moment or crafting a day-in-the-life vlog, video content is evolving beyond the conventional 15 or 30-second durations.

Prediction 2: Influencers Will Make Use of Product Placement

Imagine watching a video where your favourite influencer casually applies lip gloss while discussing various topics unrelated to the product. Scroll down to the comment section, and you’ll probably find inquiries about the lip gloss brand.

This showcases the effectiveness of product placement. Although not a groundbreaking concept, it offers a discreet means of showcasing a product, leaving audiences curious rather than weary when considering a purchase. We anticipate that brands with affiliate marketing programs will explore this marketing approach, seeking to engage in conversations more “organically.”

Prediction 3: More AI Integration

Although AI adoption hasn’t been universal, we anticipate a growing number of brands joining the trend—whether by integrating AI into their software or developing AI-inspired filters and tools. However, it’s crucial to note that AI cannot substitute for originality, and there are legitimate concerns regarding plagiarism and the emergence of AI influencers.

These discussions are likely to become more prominent in 2024.

Prediction 4: More Selectivity with Platforms

Experiencing burnout on social media is a common sentiment, especially for influencers and social media managers who engage with it extensively for work.

 Yet, for those aspiring to expand their presence, maintaining a regular posting schedule is imperative on any social platform. This necessitates brands to be discerning in choosing where to invest their time.

Given the transient nature of emerging platforms that often fade away, it becomes crucial to concentrate on strategies that will genuinely benefit your brand, rather than blindly following trends.

Prediction 5: Instagram Doubles Down on Gen Z

Based on statistics, Instagram engagement has increased not only among Millennials but also within the Gen Z demographic. Couple this with Meta’s recent Instagram Trend Talk focusing on Gen Z, and it’s reasonable to infer that the platform is strategically targeting this age group.

The heightened usage of Instagram may also bode well for Instagram Threads. Although Meta’s latest platform hasn’t attained a user base as active as X (or Twitter), it’s premature to discount its potential.

Given the dynamic nature of social media, keeping abreast of content trends and usage patterns will enhance your chances of success when experimenting with new strategies.

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