How SEO is the Best Way of Online Marketing

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Marketing strategies are very satisfying when it works out, but this satisfaction is very difficult to obtain. One of the reasons for this difficulty is the fact that there are way too many options available for businesses to kickstart their marketing, which gets confusing. But there is one thing for sure- if your business depends on its online presence, then SEO is the way to go.

Of course, you might have your doubts about it, and that’s why we are here! As an SEO Agency in Delhi, NCR, we take ourselves eligible to sort out your doubts regarding one of the most important aspects of marketing- SEO and why your business needs it.

A simple way to understanding how SEO works would be: SEO works with the aim to make your website visible, which in turn attracts leads and these leads turn into revenue for your company. And all this happens with SEO, regardless of which industry your business belongs to.

Now that we have sorted out that SEO, in fact, is beneficial for your business, and how it works to be so, let us discuss why it is one of the best ways of online marketing.

  1. People now “search” in Google

Google has now become the marketplace, not just for businesses to sell, but also for consumers to buy. Around 67 thousand people search on google per second. That’s how crowded this place is!  So while scope in this marketplace is clearly high, this place also has a set of rules or algorithms which needs to be followed to reach the customers.

Needless to say, creating a website for your business just lets you enter this marketplace. To be successful, you need to get noticed, and to achieve that you need to rank better on the search results page, for which SEO is necessary. It will expand your audience and hence will let you attract potential customers which will eventually lead to conversions.

  • Ads are always ignored

We belong to an era where people hate advertisements so much, that they are even ready to pay to ignore them. This is why there is an increase in the SEO Services Companies in India, where people are getting digitally enhanced, and businesses just have to take to the internet to promote.

While Advertising in Google does help to get attention, people today trust organic results more. It imparts a sense of hard work to them. Another plus point of getting a higher ranking through SEO is that it demands no extra cash, and hence proves to be cost-effective!

  •  Local SEO can do wonders!

While SEO definitely helps eCommerce businesses, Local SEO is an addition that will make your company shine in your locality as well. We at Digimarketish, say this with experience. We have seen it work in real life, have implemented it for ourselves and for other businesses as well and Local SEO always worked like Magic!

The trick here is to get ranking high, especially in your business surroundings as local people trust the businesses close to them more. It also makes things simpler and convenient for them. 

4. SEO is a formula for conversions

This is a mantra that a lot of SEO Companies follow. Why? Lets us just tackle this question which statistics. Marketing without SEO gets you a conversion rate of only 1.7%, while with SEO that percentage rises to reach 14.6%. Stunned right? 

This would be the strongest of the reasons why SEO is the best way of online marketing. We provide SEO Services in Noida and as a  company that has explored and studied Google’s algorithm and SEO,  we highly recommend SEO as a path that all businesses must take. It might just be that one thing that is missing in your online marketing strategies. Implement SEO today, to reach your peak of success.

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