The secret to generating TONS of traffic through Long-Tail Keywords

The secret of generating TONs of traffic through Long-Tail Keywords
Today the saturation within popular keywords is so high that your blog is most likely to get lost in the pool. The only saving boat in this ocean is Long -Tail Keyword.

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So, what is Long-Tail Keywords and why is it so effective?

Long-Tail keywords work because you’re targeting a niche market that is most likely untapped. Ahrefs’ US database found that a whopping 92.42% of 1.9 BILLION keywords get ten searches per month or fewer. These keywords although termed as “unpopular” are extremely targeted and generate high traffic.

The most common myth-making round in the world of SEO marketing is that the shorter your keywords the longer the search strength, however, 29.13% of keywords with 10,001+ monthly searches are made up of three or more words.

This means that your users are now asking very specific questions and need equally specific answers. Today, it is necessary that you forget all your biases and move on from determining a keyword’s popularity just by looking at the number of words in the query.

How can you define your long tail keyword?

  • Research your audience:

    In order to curate personalised and targeted content it is potent that you get inside your audience’s mind. Understand what exactly it is they need by searching the market or talking to your known clients. This will help you in determining what your SEO strategy should be.
  • Research the online communities:

    Visit various communities online through Quora, Reddit or even Twitter and Tumblr to know more about what words are your target audience using. This will tell you exactly what you need to incorporate in your blog so it reaches your target audience
  • Use the autocomplete algorithm

    : The simplest part of your research is to type in your main keywords and see how google completes the sentence. All you have to do next is make note of all the words and incorporate them in your blog posts.

How can you generate traffic?

It is much easier to acquire a top ranking with Long Tail Keywords. In another sense, the ahead keyword is less likely to put you at the top due to the saturation of content encompassing the same. If your main topic is one that is the most searched then it is easy to assume that there will be a plethora of long-tail words to get you at the top. 

Always research your parent keyword to know more about its longer search results. When choosing between two or more topics with similar search volumes, always choose the one where the top-ranking pages get more traffic instead of the one that has the most traffic of audience.

Long Tail Keywords aren’t necessarily easy to hack, it requires relentless research and understanding. However. If you keep the points above in mind it should be fairly simpler to generate more leads that will convert to sales by virtue of niche targeting.


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