Ultimate SEO Guide for Youtube 2022

In this digital era, YouTube is one of the booming platforms nowadays. Be it entertainment, education, or spirituality, YouTube has everything.

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In this digital era, YouTube is one of the booming platforms nowadays. Be it entertainment, education, or spirituality, YouTube has everything. As the statistics show, YouTube has over 2 billion monthly logged-in users, which means that people watch over a billion hours of video and generate billions of views. Many people start a new channel every day to get famous but what they don’t think is SEO for the YouTube channel. You are probably thinking now, SEO on YouTube?

Basic SEO for Youtube Channel

There are certain terms that will be significant in your YouTube journey. You need to know the meaning of these terms.

Youtube Thumbnails

YouTube thumbnails are those shadow elements that are the most integral part of YouTube video ranking. YouTube thumbnails are the most essential factor that will make people click on your video and is a significant factor in the YouTube algorithm.

Viewer Retention

This term refers to the number of viewers who stayed and watched your video. Viewer retention is very significant for YouTube SEO optimization.

Watch Time

Watch time refers to the average time that a viewer can spend watching your channel’s content. This is also an important factor for YouTube video ranking.


These are your best friends when you want to rank your video on YouTube. You need to add these words when you want to rank your video on top of the page. You have to do significant YouTube keyword research so that you can improve your YouTube video ranking.

Apart from these, there is only a single rule, engaging content views and more engagement. So, this should be your prime goal when you are planning to start a new YouTube channel.

Journey for Youtube Video Ranking

To begin the SEO for the YouTube channel, you need to have videos on your YouTube channel. Without your videos, it is next to impossible that you can ever rank. 

When it comes to YouTube, your videos’ amount of value is directly proportional to the number of views. If you are thinking to start a YouTube channel, you must be aware of your sole niche. 

But how will you figure out what sort of content the YouTube algorithm loves to see? Well, in order to get your YouTube video ranking, YouTube needs to love your content because YouTube will be your soulmate for ranking.

Know about Youtube Algorithm

When it comes to the YouTube algorithm, in 2022, it is harder to get views and YouTube video ranking because of the number of creators posting content every day. Due to such a plethora of videos, it is somewhere possible that your video is not reaching your potential viewers.

But, how does YouTube let users discover the videos? Let’s uncover this topic now.

There are two ways through which one can discover YouTube videos.

Some people tell you that the search bar is not at all important when it comes to YouTube. But let me tell you that it is entirely wrong. YouTube doesn’t ever meddle with search results, and it is the most crucial factor when it comes to YouTube video ranking.

To top the search results, you have to keep your SEO game intact, which means choosing the right set of YouTube SEO keywords, placing it in the right place, and tracking the results from time to time.

Optimizing your content for search results have many benefits, such as it is the safest option in the long run, and as the keywords, the number of views will increase. So now you see the whole game here? Search options can contribute a lot in the longer run.

Youtube Suggestions

The way YouTube suggests the video has been changing since the day it stepped into the technological world. But YouTube suggestions aren’t limited to the videos on the home page. There are so many ways through which YouTube shows you specific recommendations, and these are:

  • Recommendations
  • ‘Up next’ videos
  • Videos from subscribed channels
  • Just uploaded
  • Trending
  • Channel A viewers are also viewing channel B.
  • Topic tab

But these suggestions are not perfect, yet they are significant. The issue is from the viewer’s side because our focus is always on the suggestions tab.

Youtube SEO Guide

Now, we are starting with the fun part. So, let us begin.

First Impression is the Last Impression

Now imagine you are searching for making pizza at home and on the thumbnail, you see a boy with a plate and forks. 

Would you click on that video? You won’t, right. 

Because you are searching for pizza and you need to see pizza on the thumbnail and not a boy. You would want to click on that on which you can see pizza. 

You want a video with a thumbnail in which you can see a cheesy and crispy-looking pizza, isn’t it? This is what I meant; you need to put the right thumbnail for YouTube video ranking. 

You need to craft a thumbnail that is almost relevant with your content as I said above. You don’t need a graphic designer for such a trivial task. 

There are plenty of free websites which let you craft a fantastic YouTube thumbnail as you want without any sort of hustle.

Here goes last but not least factor, you need to keep your description healthy. 


Because on the browser, a snippet of text will appear as search results. Because of that, you have to be strong with your description game.

Ah, yes, don’t forget to add YouTube SEO keywords in it, while writing your video descriptions.

Place the Youtube SEO Keywords

Now, we need to talk about keywords, because SEO and keywords work together. 

Because the whole thing is that Search Engine Optimization begins with keywords. Your content should be valuable and what your viewers or maybe potential viewers are looking for. Because of this, you need to do the YouTube keyword research very carefully.

You need to integrate the YouTube SEO keywords very seamlessly because your keywords will be that friend who will connect you to the soulmate, the YouTube algorithm. 

One of the best ways to do keyword research is the YouTube search itself. You need to enter the keyword, and you can analyze them and infuse them into your video. 

Because on YouTube, trends come and go just like a swish. You need to stay updated with your keywords as always.

Rules are Rules

YouTube is just not about keywords or SEO; you need to pay attention to the content you are putting out in the community. Because you cannot fool YouTube with the keywords or thumbnail, YouTube watches your content very precisely.

So before putting your content out, you need to know about certain things which will level up your SEO game. I have mentioned them below.

  • Content Cards

Don’t think that your keyword ends with title and description. hell no!
The text inside your video also matters, so this will be a bonus tip for you, insert your text in the beginning and end. 

Add your keywords seamlessly because these are the time frames when your audience will pay attention to reading something.

  • Length

If you are just starting out now, I won’t recommend you to post videos of less than 10 minutes. At least keep the length of your video for 20 minutes because YouTube will rank it and you can get the desired time of watching as well.

You will also get the advantage of longer view time revenues, which will be a cherry on top.

  • SEO YouTube Tags

If you have ever noticed you can use 3 hashtags in the video title, you need to use them wisely. Once that space is used cleverly, it will give you a hell of traffic and your channel will bloom like a garden with fresh flowers.

All the best to your Journey for Youtube SEO

This is for you, read this out. Staring a new venture will always be the most challenging part. But, starting a venture without a well-versed plan will be a colossal disaster.

So, whatever you plan to begin to sit and plan for it. After planning, take the required action. Because a perfect plan is a dummy without the correct action.

Be consistent and deliver value content, the value of your content will retain a visitor for the very next video. But even if the visitor views your one video but you don’t deliver any value. He won’t subscribe or worse he will dislike it.

So, all the best to your YouTube journey, just remember the points and you are all set to rock in 2021. 

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