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Email Marketing
Email Marketing is an effective way to promote a business’s products or services most ethically.

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Email Marketing is an effective way to promote a business’s products or services most ethically. This practice is a part of digital marketing. Email marketing lets your audience know about your new products and other services. This is a method of soft-selling or a subtle persuasion used to educate your customers about your brand and how you can help them. This is the best tool to sell your products and services. The popularity and power of email marketing is growing every day.

Meaning of E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing is a very effective strategy in which you can send emails to your prospects and customers. Sending emails does not mean that you have to send anything or a very desperate kind of email.

You have to very clear with your approach and mindset. So that you can get responses out of it. Let’s face it, nobody wants any sort of spam email in their inbox. 

Would you ever subscribe to something spam or invaluable to you? You won’t, so why would anyone who is your potential customer will pay attention to your emails? Ask this question to yourself every time you start building an email marketing strategy. 

Now, as you are somewhat aware of email marketing. Now it is time to dive deep into this topic. 

Why E-mail Marketing

Ok, email is a marketing way, but what is unique, and why should I go for Email Marketing? 

Thinking this?

Let me answer your question now, why should you go for email marketing?

  • So, according to the blog. Hubspot; if we talk about numbers, there are more than 3.9 billion daily email users. 

Isn’t this huge? Ok, people can avoid checking their calls first, but they will not forget to check their emails daily. 

Now imagine even half of this population is your prospect, and at least 50% of that population get interested in your emails; what would be your ROI?

  • You have your list, forever. Your list won’t get disappeared ever. If we talk about any other social media channel, it might get banned for any reason. But your email list will be with you.

  • According blog. Hubspot; 59% of the respondents say that marketing emails are the prime factor in purchase decisions. This one stat is powerful enough to make you realize Email Marketing’s influencing power if done correctly.

So now you can see for yourself that why email marketing is one of the best marketing tools. Because people respond to emails and businesses are pumping profits into their business because of such strategy. 

How to Build your E-mail List?

Now think for a minute, you are a writer, so you want emails that are related to your domain, right? But one day, out of the blue, you have an email from a technology company, and they are selling you software. Would you even open that email? No, right?

Because you have not subscribed for their mails in the first place. So, such emails are entirely irrelevant. 

When you want the maximum ROI, you need to build a healthy and engaging email list. By this, I mean you need to include those peoples who are either genuinely interested in you or who have purchased your product at least once. 

When you include such people, you can expect that they would respond to your emails and take action as you want. 

So, you have to build an email list that is authentic and original as well. 

Tips to Build your E-mail List

  • In order to build your email list, you need to create a sign-up form on your website. When a person is interested in your products, they will want to stay updated about your products. So, for them, you need to create a form for newsletter sign-ups. Also, you need to install a pop-up to collect the data of your customers from your visitors.
  •  In case you don’t have a good email list, you have a crazy social media following. Share your sign-up form on your social media channels.

Tips to Grow your E-mail List

You have a nominal email list with you, but how will you grow your email list even further? Here are some of the amazing hacks you can do to increase your email list.

  • Host any contest or offer any discount on your products. We all know that we can give our email ids if we have some leverage. 
  • In email marketing, build a squeeze page, squeeze page is one of the best ways to grow your email list more. Squeeze pages are designed to squeeze out the email address of the visitors. However, here you need to offer something to them to draw towards the offer.

Such offers are known as lead magnets, and some of the examples of lead magnets are as follows:

  • Ebooks
  • Guides
  • Some sort of offer and discounts
  • Webinar
  • A free consultation 
  • Build a landing page with a clear call to action, and this will drive your audience to sign up for your newsletters.

Should a purchase an E-mail List for your E-mail Marketing?

There are many unethical ways from which people tend to grow their email list, and one of them is purchasing the email list. But I do not recommend this.

You should never purchase an email list. Because it is entirely irrelevant, and it can cause you issues as well. 

Even if you purchase email lists, you will end up in the person’s email spam section. As the person will find it irrelevant and will unsubscribe from your list. So in this way, you will increase the unsubscribe rates. 

So, you need to refrain from purchasing the email list.

Strategy for E-mail Marketing

Now each of your customers receives 121 emails every day. This means you need to spend some time building the strategy, or else your email will get lost somewhere in the inboxes or, even worse, in the spam folder.

So let’s build your email marketing strategy:

Define your target Audience

Spend some time researching your target audience. Remember this fact that you will have to define your target audience or buyer persona whenever you start something new in your marketing campaign.

Create your Goals

You need to research the average email stats for your specific industry and use them to create your campaign’s goals. This will help you in optimizing your goals and objectives for your campaign. 

Generate a way to Sign up

As I mentioned, the ways to build an email list, you need to follow them so that you have an email list to start. Don’t get discouraged at all if you are starting with a smaller audience. 

Make a Schedule

You need to build a schedule first so that you can determine the period of your contact with the audience.  So your audience knows what to expect from you and how often.

Scrutinize your Results

Now, as a marketer, you need to measure each and everything. So you need to analyze your metrics very thoughtfully. Understand what is working for you and not. So you can make some changes, and voila, your campaign is ready to yield results.


Yes, there are many rules for starting out an email campaign. But, one of the most important rules is that you need to treat your subscriber like humans. Talk to them in the newsletter, don’t just intend to sell your product. Think about them and then strategize the designs of your newsletters according to them.


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